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Review: Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

Boxed Set
Published: November 21st 2007
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Source: Purchased 

Warning : May contain spoilers

17-year-old Bella Swan, who moves from Phoenix, Arizona, to the tiny town of Forks, Washington, and falls in love with a beautiful, mysterious vampire named Edward Cullen.

|| Twilight ||

I did not pick out this book out of the blue. I wanted to read something that could get me into reading again so I can improve my writing and my friend recommended me this.  So in my head I knew that this was a good book and if I would feel asleep I knew that this was my issue of anti reading thing. To my surprise I did not even once feel bored reading this book. Even though at the beginning of the book nothing was really happened, just description of the story (introduction of the characters, the location where it took place). But I got through it and the last few chapters were where the excitement came from. I kept turning the page and before I knew it the book ended. In conclusion, I gave it ★★★½ stars.   

|| New Moon ||

I bought the whole series at once so I was lucky that I could started on the second book right away. New Moon sure was better than the first one. I finished it quicker than the first book. The action sure kept me on the edge and I loved that feeling. The story was written beautifully....why? because I could feel the places and the characters. I could draw it in my head. So I gave this book a thump up....★★★★stars it is...I did not give it 5 starts because at the beginning of the book when Edward left Bella I just did not feel the pain she was in. I just don't understand how can you become like a dead person just because of a broken heart. Isn't it just normal thing in life? Fall in love and out of love. Not everyone can be with the first person you ever love so what is the big deal of breaking up? Just an experience not a death sentence... Well I hope I am not a cold person here since my life won't be destroyed/collapsed  just because I am no longer in a relationship.

|| Eclipse ||

I loved this book even more than the first two. Well maybe because of the action things. It's really a fast paced reading, absolutely love it  so I gave it ★★★★★. Even though the triangle love thing was bad. I hate it when I know right away who the main girl will choose. I just felt poor Jacob since he's really a sweet guy...still caring for Bella and keep holding on even though it's hopeless. Maybe I am being unfair here since it is just wrong to give some one  false hope and you know that will hurt that person in the end. But I cannot help it, seeing his effort I just cannot bring myself to say "oh please move on will ya" And Edward is not a bad guy, he does love Bella. So I won't take side, Edward or Jacob either one is fine. Well the only one to claim here is Bella, come on girl make up your mind and stick with it.  

|| Breaking Dawn ||

I had a really high hope for this one but it failed me a little bit because of the honeymoon thing. Just not for me I guess, I skipped those chapters since it did not hold my interest and I did not want to feel disappointed. Besides the cheesy chapters, I did love the book. And thank god now I did not have to feel bad for Jacob, he found his destiny person. So happy ending for everyone. I will give it ★★★★ stars

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