Sunday, April 29, 2012

0o Little Intro o0

Welcome Welcome to my book blog!!!

I am Amie, a 20-something and since I love reading so much I think it's great to share it through my blog. For me reading a book is like going to a journey where you will have a chance to experience all kinds of feelings and the possibility of living a thousand lives in one lifetime.  I am a book nerd, I talk about book all the time. This blog was created so I can keep track of all the books that I read and also to get people addicted to YA.  My motto is spread the YA love around ;)

To be honest, last year 2012 was the time I started reading again. Yup it's crazy, how could I call myself a booknerd when I did not read any books since my high school graduation. It happened, no matter how hard I tried I could not find the time to read any books except the textbooks. School and club activities just took all my time.  Anyway I am glad that I can find time for my YA love again.

I just graduated from college last year 2012 and my dream job is to work in a publishing company where my wonderful YA books are coming alive to the world. *keep my fingers crossed* If I knew back then what I wanted to do with my life, I would have applied for an intern in the publishing company.  Or at least I should studied something that is related to book publishing but no I had to go all science =/

Some random facts about me:

▲ "Don't judge the book by its cover." ---> Fail big time because I am a cover sucker
▲  I love binge reading
▲  I prefer physical book because I want to touch them, pet them and smell them (I know I'm weird). But sometimes I have to settle for ebook since that way I can buy more books.
▲  My favorite place to read is in my bed (I cannot read in public places like the beach, the park---too much distraction)
▲  I have so many books but I still want more =)

If you have any questions/comments/ book recommendation/ chat about books then feel free to contact me at

Happy Reading.

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