Rating System

DNF---did not finish =x
★★ ---wow a good sleeping pill
★★★---  like it
★★★★--- love it, go check it out guys
★★★★★---crazy in love *_* (give me all the feels, fangirl mode active, all time fav, a must read)

When I will decide DNF:
If a book doesn’t grab my attention by page 50 or so then I stop reading it.  I am sorry but it means that the book is not for me and I do not want to torture myself reading it (no review for DNF).

The synopsis---from Goodreads/ Barnes& Noble /or sometimes from the author's blog.

My review may contains spoiler so let yourself be warned =D---> I try not to do this anymore (as of 2013) but my old review posts have spoiler so yeah.

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