Wednesday, October 29, 2014

▂ ▄ ▇ Opposite Book Tag ▇ ▄ ▂

I was tagged by Lisa from Lisa Love Literature, so thanks Lisa. My first tag, so yay! And if you would like to do it, please do =) And it's a little bit long so here we go.

First book in your collection

Well, I'll go with the first book I bought myself since I don't know or remember what book it was. My mom gave me all of my picture books/ childhood books when I was 7 or 8 so I could start my own collection. So one day I woke up to find a bunch of books in my room (actually my mom had enough of me having books everywhere in the house so she said from now on keep them in your room). Anyway, the first book that I added to the collection was The Arabian Nights (the paperback version).

Last book you bought

It was The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan. I bought three of them at the same time so that's why I included all three of them. It's a high fantasy. I'm currently reading the second book right now and so far so good. I dislike those covers though. Look so boring but the books themselves are interesting. 

 A cheap book/An expensive book

A cheap book. I have so many since I always wait for a sale. Here is the thing about me: I don't like to remember the book price. And I consider the book as expensive when I have to pay full price and I've not read it even once and have no plan to read it anytime soon in the foreseeable future. Anyway here's the cheap book (I think)

I loved the movie. So when I saw this book from a garage sale, I bought it right away and I think it was really cheap too.

and here's the expensive book

It was a reminiscing buy. I've never read the book or watched the movie but I have a general idea of what it is about. Since my dad loved Sherlock Holmes and it was his choice for my bedtime story (he retold the story in his words, not read directly from the book though). So I just wanted to have that book in my collection.

A book with a male protagonist

I have to turn to Goodreads for help. And the answer is Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This is one of my favorite Greek Myth books and I'm telling you Rick Riordan is a great writer. Absolutely love his writing and all his books. It's middle grade but I think you can enjoy reading it at any age.

A book with a female protagonist
Such a hard question because I have so many to choose from. Anyway I guess it'd go to

She is a strong character and I liked her a lot.

Pretty cover

I have so many but none of them can compare to the Barnes Noble classic edition. The picture didn't do its justice =( And I love it when the book comes with the built-in ribbon bookmark.

Ugly cover
If I didn't have to read it for school, I'd probably pass this book without even a glance. Look at it, an old man and that kind of colors combination. I have no idea why they picked this as the cover for such an amazing book.

Non-fiction book

I don't think I've mentioned it before but I'm obsessed with Ancient Egypt. You might think history must be my favorite subject. Nope it's not. It's actually Egyptology that I love. And most of the non fiction books you can find in my house are all about Egypt (the history, the religion, Egyptian Life, the Pharaohs, the pyramids/tombs/treasures, architecture, art, Egyptian hieroglyphs etc). I'm hoping I can visit this magic country soon.

Fiction Book

I picked this one because I can't help looking at it. It is so beautiful and this book makes it easier to understand all the Greek Gods/Goddesses (that stuff can be confusing sometimes.)

A book that made you happy
Define happy. I'm glad that I read the book or the book is hilarious. I think I'll choose the former because I don't think I've read that many hilarious books and I can't recall any at the moment. For me if the book is funny then I read and laugh but after that I feel nothing, no linger happy feeling whatsoever. But a book that I love then I'll always have that happy feeling whenever I think of that book even though reading it had torn my heart into pieces.

So many feels!

One that made you sad

I know the answer for this immediately. Oh how I love the cover. The red, the typography --> absolutely gorgeous. If you've not cried for a while and I want to experience that feeling, you know what to read now don't you?

Yes that's all (I skipped a few questions though). Thank you and I'm hoping after this you might know a little bit about me. If you'd like to do the tag, feel free to do so or you can leave it in the comment =)


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  3. These sound soo good! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Great choices! So glad you participated. I have that Egyptian Book of the Dead at home, but just haven't had time to really sit down and read it. Although I have always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt too.

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