Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review: Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne

Publication Date: July 2nd 2013  
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Pages: 262 
Source: Purchased
They Said It Was An Accident...

Sawyer Dodd is a star athlete, a straight-A student, and the envy of every other girl who wants to date Kevin Anderson. When Kevin dies in a tragic car crash, Sawyer is stunned. Then she opens her locker to find a note:

You're welcome.

Someone saw what he did to her. Someone knows that Sawyer and Kevin weren't the perfect couple they seemed to be. And that someone—a killer—is now shadowing Sawyer's every move...
Since it's almost Halloween, I think it'd be nice to dedicate this weekend for spooky/scary read only (since the beginning of October I already read 2 spooky books so far). I was planning to read spooky books for a week but I'll get bored if I stick to just one genres so I guess weekend is enough (2 days so maybe a book a day I hope, maybe more I don't know, let's just see how it goes). Anyway as you may guess by the title I started it off with Truly, Madly, Deadly. Oh how much I loved the title, saying it out loud is really nice, so rhyme, don't you agree?

Alright let's move on to the book, shall we? I had a really high hope for this book because the synopsis reminded me off the TV series Pretty Little Liars with the murders, the secrets and all the stalkings. And yes I liked it, not loved it like I thought I would =( It felt somewhat like something is missing, like it not there yet you know. It's a quick read, just 262 pages. The second half of the book was when the story really kicked off for me. I kept reading and couldn't put the book down because I wanted to find out who the killer was. I made a lot of guesses but all was wrong. I didn't see it coming at all or maybe it's there but I just missed all the hints. Anyway I liked the excitement and being kept in the dark because if it's too obvious then what's there to read. The love interest is there but it's not the main focus and I'm fine with it. The only problem I had with this book was that I didn't get all the answers I want. I still can't figure out how can one, yes only one person did all that. Clever? I don't think so, kind of realistic is what I think. So I'm not satisfied with the conclusion of the murder. About the characters, I don't know, I just don't like any of them. Sawyer oh boy thing would be so much easier if she just says it. I know that it's hard to trust someone when she received all the unknown threats but at least shouldn't she trust her parents?

As a conclusion, even though I didn't enjoy much reading this book but I've to admit I did enjoy the thrilling and creepy feelings and all the fun of looking for the killer. So if you're a fan of Pretty Little Liars or just in the mood for some spooky reads then you may want to check this book out.

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  1. Creepy read huh? I'll keep that in mind when October rolls around again! Thank you!


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