Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Publication Date: December 31st 2012
Publisher:  Pamela Dorman Books/ Viking
Pages: 369
Source: Purchased
Genres: Adult

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.

What Lou doesn't know is she's about to lose her job or that knowing what's coming is what keeps her sane.

Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he's going to put a stop to that.

What Will doesn't know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they're going to change the other for all time.
Here's my confession: I bought this book because I like the cover (the typography and the choice of color are really catching to the eye). It was on a whim, I didn't even bother to read the description on the back (or even knew that this is an adult book). And judging by the cover I thought this would be a fun read, I didn't know that it'd leave me crying. Let me tell you, it wasn't the kind of crying that tears just roll down your cheeks. It was the ugly crying that made my eyes puffy and I couldn't stop crying as I read the last few pages. This book completely broke my heart, ripped it out and stamped on it.

I usually avoid these kind of books since I'm not good with sad stories. So I guess you can say that it's lucky I went in blind. The story is really saddening but yet so beautiful. It made me laugh but I think I cried even more. So I'm glad I read it even though it had killed my emotions and emptied my heart out.  Me Before You deals with a really sensitive subject that I truly don't know where I stand on this matter. It's not just simply black and white since it is a very thin line that separates right from wrong. Can you say that Will's decision is selfish and wrong? Seriously it's not our decision to make. You can say that we know how much he suffers and how much pain he's gone through but we aren't the one feeling it. So don't judge Will.  The story is told from Lou's perceptive but through out the book you will get some other people' perspectives too. It felt so real, the characters, the raw you know. This is one of those books that make you think about life and appreciate what you have.

Some of my favorites quotes that I want to share with you guys

'You only get one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.'

'Live boldly. Push yourself. Don't settle.'

'Knowing you still have possibilities is a luxury.'

So if you've not read it yet, then go read it now. I'm serious, you don't want to miss this book. Such a beautiful, heart wrenching story.

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