Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi

Publication Date: October 2nd 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 103
Series: Shatter Me #1.5
Source: Purchased

Perfect for the fans of Shatter Me who are desperately awaiting the release of Unravel Me, this novella-length digital original will bridge the gap between these two novels from the perspective of the villain we all love to hate, Warner, the ruthless leader of Sector 45.

In Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me, Juliette escaped from The Reestablishment by seducing Warner—and then putting a bullet in his shoulder. But as she’ll learn in Destroy Me, Warner is not that easy to get rid of. . .

Back at the base and recovering from his near-fatal wound, Warner must do everything in his power to keep his soldiers in check and suppress any mention of a rebellion in the sector. Still as obsessed with Juliette as ever, his first priority is to find her, bring her back, and dispose of Adam and Kenji, the two traitors who helped her escape. But when Warner’s father, The Supreme Commander of The Reestablishment, arrives to correct his son’s mistakes, it’s clear that he has much different plans for Juliette. Plans Warner simply cannot allow.

Set after Shatter Me and before its forthcoming sequel, Unravel Me, Destroy Me is a novella told from the perspective of Warner, the ruthless leader of Sector 45

Let me warn you this book is really really dangerous. It was the death of me because I just cannot believe that I've fallen for a villain. Warner was cocky, arrogant and ruthless that I was hating him a lot in Shatter Me. Maybe 'hate' is too strong of a word, 'dislike' is more like it. Yes I disliked him and could care less about whatever happened to him. But after reading this book, my view of him had changed big time. Because the truth is that deep down he is a caring person. He is like a broken pieces that you just want to hug him. Now I am a little torn because I have no idea who I want Juliette to end up with. If she chooses Warner then poor Adam, he has loved her a lot and for such a long time, what will he do now. And if she chooses Adam then oh my poor poor Warner, he does love her truly even though compared to Adam it's just a short period but you can see that Juliette is all he ever has. He will just be a dead man if he loses her. I really can't decide, no matter who Juliette chooses in the end my heart will still be broken for that poor guy who doesn't get the girl =(

Anyway besides the wonderful thing of getting inside Warner's mind, this book will also give you a glimpse of Juliette's journal. Isn't it cool? So pick it up now =)


  1. I'm pretty sure I read this. Lol. But anyways, OMG YES YEA YES. I think I had fallen for the villian too. Omg. Warner like seemed deep. There's actually something in him that you feel sorry for and stuff. Yep. GREAT REVIEW! :)

    Cindy @ In This World of Books..

  2. I actually had some kind of weird fascination with Warner since Shatter Me. I wanted to like him, but there was just not enough of him in Shatter Me, but then I read this and well I was sold from like the first page xD

    Nyx @ Unraveling Words


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