Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update || The magic book

There is no excuse. I was in a reading slump for three whole months. Can't you believe it that I didn't read any book for that long? No matter what I tried I could not get into the reading, words just slipped through my brain without register. I was a little bit worrying that I'd lost the enjoyment of reading. But luckily as January is coming with its new release, I finally found the motivation to pick up a book again. The sequels that I'd long waited are coming out so there is no reason for me not to start reading again. And yet the book that helped me back on track is Everneath. I reread it so I can read the novella (neverfall ) and the second book (ever bound ).

Everneath is like my cure medicine (the magic book) that took away all my negatives and gave back the enjoyment and excitement of reading. To my surprised, I like Everneath more than the first time read it, more like I am crazy loving it now. This book totally live up for its hype. The story flows so smoothly and everything is so organized. Why I did not notice this the first time. Moreover, this time the character Cole grew on me more than Jack, I am 100% rooting for Cole. True that Jack had always loved and never once forget Nik but Cole's love seems more real to me than Jack. I mean you can only find "Jack's love" in a book or a movie but with Cole you can see the "pull" . Cole can't help to stay away from Nik and he can say no to her either. He loves her without even realizing it and his emotion is all over the place whenever Nik is involved. One more thing I missed the first time reading the book is that the way Jack asked Nik out. It's straightforward but yet really cute. I like it, so refreshing. So if you have not read the book yet please give it a try because this book is wonder. A beautiful love mix with mythology. Deserve  ★★★★★Stars  and this book had made its way to my favorite book of the year.

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