Friday, March 7, 2014

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Q: Recommend some of your favorite back-list books - books that are at least a few years old (I’m thinking 5-10 years old rather than classics)

The Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner. It's YA high fantasy. I thought it was published in 2005 but I just checked on Goodreads and guys, it was first published back in 1996. And the series isn't finished either (only four books are out right now), there are two more books in the series but I don't even know when they will be released.

The first book (The Thief), if you can get through the first half of the book which by the way it wasn't bad, it's just that nothing exciting really happened. So you might get bored with all the journey and the story telling about the god/goddess but I promise you it will get better. The plot twist at the end, well it's really worth it. And then the story just picks up from there and it's just getting better and better. I only read the first three books (no cliff hanger at the end) and don't want to read the fourth book yet because I want to wait until the series is finished.

So if you're a fan of high fantasy you might want to check out this series or The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (just discovered him last month and I just finished Mistborn: The Final Empire a few days ago and it was so good. I can't wait to finish up this trology and check out his other books--The Stormlight Archive series).


  1. The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia are fantastic books. Great list :)
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  2. I love high fantasy. My favorite is the Assassin's Apprentice series by Robin Hobb. New Bloglovin' follower.

    Jessica @ Tales Between the Pages

    1. oh haven't read anything by Robin Hobb yet but heard amazing things about his books. I'm probably going to check out his books sometimes this year =)

  3. I have heard really good things about this series but have never actually read any of the books. The Throne of Glass series is a really good high fantasy series and so are all of Maria V. Snyder's :)

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    Zareena @ Books and Books

    1. LOVED Throne Of Glass series. I've only read the Poison Study series but I'll for sure check out her other books =)

  4. I just order The Thief off Amazon last week and got it in the mail :) Woooo Hoooo! Now every one has told me that I have to be patient with it and get through it b/c once I get to The Queen of Attolia, I'll be super satisfied! And get this, I ordered the Mistborn series as well :) LOL!! How crazy is that. Great minds think alike. Mistborn will be my first book by Brandon Sanderson and I'm extremely excited to read it and read his other books too. Way of Kings, I hear was AMAZING!
    GREAT PICKS GIRL!!!!! Definitely some books that I'm excited to read! xoxo
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    Have a lovely weekend ♥ Big Hugs ( follower via Bloglovin)

  5. These are all new books to me. Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Check them out if you're a fan of fantasy =)


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