Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolution!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

I know it's not even 2014 yet but I think it's time to talk about my resolution and what I accomplished in term of bookish in 2013.

So let's rewind to see how 2013 affected me, shall we. First of all I had more free time this year since I was no longer a student (graduated last year from University--Woohoo, I'm still happy about that fact since I was a student for so long. I don't know if it's just me but do you feel happy when once day you wake up and you're not a student anymore? It's like a big thing for me, like a big turn in my life that I need to capture and remember for the rest of my life). Anyway where was I, oh 2013 is the year that I was involved more in the book blogging community. I started book blogging back in 2012 but I kept the blog private until April 2013. I was still shy so I didn't talk much on Twitter but that will change I promise. And since I had so many free time this year, I've read more than 100 books =D. I know some people read more than I did but I still feel proud about that.

I don't know about you but I really like making resolution. It's like making a promise to yourself that next year will be better. Setting a promise to live life more meaningful. But keeping it and succeeding it are another story. It's not like I forget or anything but sometimes things happen and interfere with my plan. I hate it when it happens but I have no control over it sadly =( So what I've learned from my many failed resolution is that don't go for the big goal but small, simple goal that is easy to keep. And don't make a long list of resolution, keep it under 5 is the ideal one. So here is my 2014 resolution:

1. Schedule posts way ahead of time --- so if something happens like family urgency, internet connection problem, reading/writing slump and I know it will happen (it did this year so for sure there's a next time) I won't be caught off guard.

2. Be involved more in the book community -- join a book club or something, talk more to other bloggers on Twitter, comment more on another blogs. Ask some other book blogger to do guest post. Don't be shy and just do it.

3. Do more personal/discussion posts (if you have any topics you want me to discuss, well just leave it in the comment below or tweet me) 

4. Read more than last year (not just new releases but old releases too)

5. Stick with it-- sometimes due to some circumstances I used to compromise my resolution but not this time.

SO how about you? Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

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