Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Outcast by Adrienne Kress

Publication Date: May 16th 2013
Publisher: Diversion Books
Pages: 324
Source: Purchased
After six years of “angels” coming out of the sky and taking people from her town, 16-year-old Riley Carver has just about had it living with the constant fear. When one decides to terrorize her in her own backyard, it’s the final straw. She takes her mother’s shotgun and shoots the thing. So it’s dead. Or … not? In place of the creature she shot, is a guy. A really hot guy. A really hot alive and breathing guy. Oh, and he’s totally naked.

Not sure what to do, she drags his unconscious body to the tool shed and ties him up. After all, he’s an angel and they have tricks. When he regains consciousness she’s all set to interrogate him about why the angels come to her town, and how to get back her best friend (and almost boyfriend) Chris, who was taken the year before. But it turns out the naked guy in her shed is just as confused about everything as she is.

He thinks it’s 1956.

Set in the deep south, OUTCAST is a story of love, trust, and coming of age. It’s also a story about the supernatural, a girl with a strange sense of humor who’s got wicked aim, a greaser from the 50’s, and an army of misfits coming together for one purpose: To kick some serious angel ass.

WHAT??? That's it. Really. I wasn't prepared for that, it couldn't be. I'm sorry guys but the ending of this book was really a shock to me. I didn't expect that at all and the last chapter threw me off course completely. I thought I was in for a fun light read but I was wrong. So let me warn you before you pick this book up, be prepared because anything can happen.

At first I thought Outcast somewhat reminded me of Angelfall (which is one of my favorite) but as the story goes on, it takes a different turn, a little bit creepy I must say. It's like a mystery read with all the figuring out what happened to Gabe when he was young and what is that thing that keeps bothering Riley. Gabe is a likable character. The conversations between him and Riley made me laugh out loud so many times. They are such a perfect match and it's sad that it's taken that long for them to meet each other.

I'm still so mad with the ending but I guess that's the only logic way. I just wish *sigh* I don't want to give too much away so let's just say it's a bittersweet ending. Overall I enjoyed this book: the humor, the secret, the mystery and the little romance. Yeah all is good =D

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